Professional services.

We begin with the most important thing - determining your requirements. What are the business objectives? What types of devices are on you network, and what are their capabilities? Are there issues in the RF environment that may be of concern? Do you have business critical devices and/or applications with specific needs? Voice? Video? Conferencing?

Only after understanding your expectations, can we design a solution to meet your organization’s needs, and develop a plan, and a design, that ensures success with the least amount of disruption.

  • WLAN Design, Planning, & Implementation

  • ClearPass Professional Services

  • Troubleshooting/Optimization

  • Surveys & Assessments

  • Spectrum Analysis

  • Wireless Security

  • Route/Switch

  • Consulting

  • Training

ONE are not simply resellers of equipment. Besides having strong relationships with our partners, we invest time and resources into training, not just in the products we sell, but also industry standard certifications, that gives us a broad understanding of the solutions we propose and implement.

We've specialized in wireless networking (802.11), and understanding the peculiarities of the wireless medium. What makes us different is our team, our experience, and our commitment to make every deployment a successful one.