Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager

Secure network access in a world made up of mobile and IoT devices.

ClearPass Policy Manager for mobility & IoT.

ClearPass solves today’s security challenges across any multi-vendor wired or wireless network by replacing outdated legacy AAA with context-aware policies. It delivers visibility, policy control and workflow automation in one cohesive solution.

Identify what’s on your wired or wireless network.

Security starts with understanding what’s on the network. What devices are being used, how many, and which operating systems are supported? ClearPass has a built-in profiling engine that collects real-time data including device categories, vendors, and OS versions. And the new standalone ClearPass Universal Profiler provides the same visibility for those not ready for full policy enforcement.

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Protect resources via dynamic policy controls and threat remediation.

It’s expensive and time-consuming to invest in security and it’s almost impossible to keep ahead of the hackers by innovating alone. Aruba’s ClearPass Exchange ecosystem is designed to bring together best-of-breed third-party solutions to provide end-to-end security at the edge. 

Secure BYOD.

Employees are bringing more and more personal devices to work. In turn, IT relies on ClearPass Onboard for an easy and automatic way to configure the process, making sure all devices are secure.

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Real-time analytics.

Learn how ClearPass Insight provides real-time analytics and reporting to better understand who and what is on your network, so you can resolve issues quickly.

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