Very High Density 802.11ac Networks Validated Reference Design

Aruba has just released a VRD (Validated Reference Design) for Very High Density networks. This is a must read for anyone looking to deploy a WLAN for 10s of thousands of users.

Very high-density WLANs are defined as RF coverage zones with a large number of wireless clients and APs in a single physical space. For purposes of this reference design, a VHD WLAN is one that is designed to serve at least 100 devices per cell. A VHD WLAN may serve as many as 500 devices per cell. With the proliferation of wireless-enabled personal and enterprise mobile devices, a surprisingly diverse range of facilities need VHD WLAN connectivity:

  • Large meeting rooms

  • Lecture halls and auditoriums

  • Convention center meeting halls

  • Hotel ballrooms

  • Stadiums, arenas, and ballparks

  • Concert halls and amphitheaters

  • Casinos

  • Airport concourses

  • Passenger aircraft and cruise ships

  • Places of worship