802.11AC Wave 2 Technology Deep Dive from Aruba Atmosphere

No joke, when they say this is a "deep dive, they mean it. The video from this year's Aruba Networks Atmosphere Conference goes into the technical aspects of beam-forming in 802.11ac (Wave 2), MU-MIMO, and real world  throughput. Enjoy.

“Wave 2 data rates are insanely high, and they’re also farther from reality than ever before.” - Peter Lane

802.11ac Wave 2 technology deep dive and deployment recommendations - 802.11ac Wave 2 is right around the corner. Now's the time to prepare yourself and impress your colleagues with knowledge about multi-user MIMO, Wave 2's most sought-after capability. Our experts will share their planning recommendations so you'll know the perfect time to migrate to this new technology. We'll also give you an updated about the latest on mobile device support for the protocol.