En Route To CWNP Conference

I'm on my way to the CWNP Conference in Raleigh, North Carolina, and I'm currently stuck in Charlotte for two hours waiting for my connection. :-( But, it gives me a little time to make this blog post, so at least there's that! :-)

I'm really looking forward to this first of hopefully many CWNP conferences. The biggest thing I'm looking forward to is catching up with friends from WLPC (WLAN Professionals Conference) and making new ones there in Raleigh. Putting faces to Twitter handles is becoming a new hobby! 

One thing I've found is that the wireless community is very generous with their knowledge (and their opinions). :-) Most of the people I've met via Twitter, conferences, and various projects have been very supportive of me and my ignorance as I make my way through the labyrinth of 802.11. It's been this support that has helped me grow in knowledge and confidence as I voyage through my chosen profession. 

Of course I'm also looking forward to the sessions that will be going on- particulary the sessions on stadium design, healthcare, Zaib's session on cloud Wi-Fi performance testing, and whatever GT Hill will be talking about!

I encourage anyone who's involved in wireless- be it as a VAR, if you work for a vendor, or its part of your job responsibility - to not just look at the CWNP certification path, but also get involved in they community. Questions can be answered, ideas validated, methods questioned, and techniques shared. Whether it's through social media, or conferences, I can only see it as a plus for anyone looking at a career in wireless. 

See you at CWNP 2014!